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Swan is any of various large, long-necked water birds which also includes geese and ducks. The swan is one of the largest, fastest swimming, and fastest flying waterfowl, and one of the longest living birds in general. The swan, which lives up to 19 years in the wild, and can live up to 50 years in captivity, usually mates for life. Swans often are a symbol of love or fidelity because of their long-lasting monogamous relationships. Its graceful swimming has made it a symbol for beauty. Swans also are revered in many religions and cultures,
Swans are found in all continents except Africa and Antarctica. An adult male swan is known as a "cob," while an adult female is a "pen," and a young swan is known as a "cygnet."

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Swan Flight
Swan FlightUploaded by: Ekreen14
Date Uploaded: 2/22/18
Resolution: 1920x1080
Downloads: 14
Comments: 3
Favorited: 2
Points: +5
Illusion house
Illusion houseUploaded by: SuperLoveNaNa
Date Uploaded: 2/19/18
Resolution: 1440x965
Downloads: 28
Comments: 7
Favorited: 15
Points: +13
Swan Weeping Willow
Swan Weeping WillowUploaded by: SuperLoveNaNa
Date Uploaded: 2/19/18
Resolution: 1440x1075
Downloads: 38
Comments: 6
Favorited: 14
Points: +13
Petals of Spring in Central Park
Petals of Spring in Central ParkUploaded by: SuperLoveNaNa
Date Uploaded: 2/5/18
Resolution: 1500x1200
Downloads: 242
Comments: 15
Favorited: 83
Points: +53
Sanctuary in Spring
Sanctuary in SpringUploaded by: SuperLoveNaNa
Date Uploaded: 2/2/18
Resolution: 1500x1105
Downloads: 285
Comments: 12
Favorited: 69
Points: +55
Cottage with Swans
Cottage with SwansUploaded by: SuperLoveNaNa
Date Uploaded: 1/31/18
Resolution: 1200x900
Downloads: 170
Comments: 14
Favorited: 61
Points: +52
SwansUploaded by: gundega
Date Uploaded: 2/7/18
Resolution: 1440x900
Downloads: 20
Comments: 0
Favorited: 1
Points: +4
Swans and Ducks in Winter
Swans and Ducks in WinterUploaded by: gundega
Date Uploaded: 1/22/18
Resolution: 2048x1280
Downloads: 13
Comments: 0
Favorited: 0
Points: +1
HeavenUploaded by: taunteanna
Date Uploaded: 1/14/18
Resolution: 1440x900
Downloads: 36
Comments: 1
Favorited: 4
Points: +3
•ღ✿ღ•Uploaded by: Yaty03
Date Uploaded: 1/4/18
Resolution: 1280x1024
Downloads: 10
Comments: 5
Favorited: 3
Points: +6
River in the Forest
River in the ForestUploaded by: sdin194
Date Uploaded: 12/20/17
Resolution: 4000x2560
Downloads: 22
Comments: 1
Favorited: 1
Points: +1
Fantasy Girl Flying
Fantasy Girl FlyingUploaded by: taunteanna
Date Uploaded: 5/9/17
Resolution: 1440x960
Downloads: 164
Comments: 11
Favorited: 21
Points: +18
Women with Swans
Women with SwansUploaded by: blueangels1015
Date Uploaded: 11/11/17
Resolution: 1300x1000
Downloads: 47
Comments: 0
Favorited: 2
Points: +2
Pure Harmony
Pure HarmonyUploaded by: taunteanna
Date Uploaded: 11/9/17
Resolution: 1440x900
Downloads: 41
Comments: 2
Favorited: 5
Points: +4
Autumn Home
Autumn HomeUploaded by: taunteanna
Date Uploaded: 10/21/17
Resolution: 1440x900
Downloads: 282
Comments: 12
Favorited: 25
Points: +17
Swan heart
Swan heartUploaded by: Monarch
Date Uploaded: 10/7/17
Resolution: 1024x768
Downloads: 32
Comments: 2
Favorited: 3
Points: +8
Moritzburg Castle,Germany
Moritzburg Castle,GermanyUploaded by: luvtoluv
Date Uploaded: 10/2/17
Resolution: 1920x1080
Downloads: 66
Comments: 5
Favorited: 6
Points: +8
Frozen Memories
Frozen MemoriesUploaded by: taunteanna
Date Uploaded: 8/25/17
Resolution: 1440x900
Downloads: 42
Comments: 2
Favorited: 5
Points: +4
Angel Among The Swans
Angel Among The SwansUploaded by: taunteanna
Date Uploaded: 12/14/16
Resolution: 1440x960
Downloads: 39
Comments: 6
Favorited: 9
Points: +9
Peacock Fairy
Peacock FairyUploaded by: taunteanna
Date Uploaded: 9/12/16
Resolution: 1610x1080
Downloads: 149
Comments: 11
Favorited: 12
Points: +21
Beauty Among The Swans
Beauty Among The SwansUploaded by: taunteanna
Date Uploaded: 5/18/16
Resolution: 1440x960
Downloads: 140
Comments: 11
Favorited: 19
Points: +16

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